Monday, April 12, 2010

Testing New Photos of Hand-carded Batts

What do you think? Does this tempt you more than this?

How about this?
over this or both?

I like this one, but...

I like this one too. Feedback, please, people. I would love it.
Check them out at the shop also. These are soft, artsy batts full of luxury fibers like merino/silk, alpaca, Wensleydale locks, sari silk, tencel, bamboo, Firestar and bits of angelina.


  1. I love all the photos. I think from the side as well as the end is good. Gives a good view of all the colors!

  2. First pair: Like them both, love the first one. Love the closeup of the airy fibers.

    Second pair: Like them both, love the second. There are cool fibers in the second that don't show up in the first.

    Third pair: sorry but honestly don't like either of them. The first is wound too tight or out of focus or something - not sure but the airy quality of the fiber doesn't shine through. The second, I just don't like that shape (you asked...)

    But since I know your stuff - I know it's all great no matter how you present it in your photos!

  3. Loving the comments. Very helpful. Keep 'em coming.

  4. I like 2, 4, & 6 best.

  5. I like the second view of all the batts the best. Something about the first view,esp #1, turn me off. Just my humble opinion.MFC


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