Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A nano second of fame

I love making Treasuries on Etsy. Every now and then I get lucky and snag one to create. This time I am actually one of the featured players. I have been an alternate (read it doesn't show up) several times. This time I am with the "big boys" in Burgundy Fringe and Cream. Just had to toot my horn a little.
I made this little yarn potpourri of two handspuns and an indigo bulky yarn for the Fourth of July and then Labor Day. Think it's time for a new name... Burgundy is a start.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh the dilemma: Wet or Dry Pencils??

First I couldn't figure out what to draw/sketch. Then I looked around and saw some of my favorite things. Ok, perfect vignettes right in front of me. The print chair just floats on the page, because I wasn't sure how to get it to "sit" on the floor AND I was worn out getting the print fabric done! Next it was the Jam Cupboard. The lamps are on. Can you tell? That's another challenge. In the middle of doing Mimi's Chair, I switch from wet pencils to dry pencils with wet watercolor brush to finish. Front of chair and ottoman are wet pencil, the rest got the wet brush. I like the softness of this.
I snuck over to Michael's this week and used a coupon for a little set of watercolors. Just a notch about the kiddie version. Can't wait to try them next.
Fiber people: no worries I am almost done with second baby afghan and have plans for another. Oh, and I feel a dye day coming on...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time Out Fun

Since my trip to Encinitas, CA (just up the road from San Diego) this summer, my desire to sketch a bit as been reignited. I think I did a previous post displaying some of my art new toys. Well, since then I have found this unused tin of drawing pencils. Must have bought them way back when I was living in Santa Fe. Read: 15 years ago or so. AND, last Saturday I dragged daughter, Jen, to Michael's so I could splurge on the bonanza set of watercolor pencils. These are very cool. You can either wet the pencils and apply wet to paper. Or you can do you drawing in dry pencils and then get out the watercolor brush and use a damp brush over your work. That's what I did here. Perspective sort of goes out the window for me. So allow me that license. This is the best time to capture Trinket. She naps alot.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All things Afghanistan

It started with the Christane Amanpour CNN special, Generation Islam I saw in August while out in Encinitas with Martie. We sat with our knitting one night spellbound. The documentary focuses on a range of efforts being made in Afghanistan and Pakistan to turn young Muslim children away from violent extremism. That naturally put some focus on Greg Mortenson and his intense mission to build schools in Afghanistan.
Bottom line is now I am reading Three Cups of Tea by Mortenson and David O. Relin, and I am knitting wool baby afghans for the Afghans for Afghanistan project. These afghans go to the CURE Hospital in Kabul. This is a great stash buster as the blankets must be wool and darker colors. Warmth is key, and washing may not happen. I knit compulsively. Just how many shawls can I knit? So, this is perfect. The square one is just an overgrown washcloth pattern of mostly my dyed merino. The next one is going to be one big log cabin square. I took the idea from friend Martie. I love the randomness of it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Funnies

Ok, these are hilarious shots of my dog sweaters. I can't seem to find a tiny live dog to model the littlest of the sweaters I have knit, so "Tidbit" , Trinket's toy friend, has been enlisted for the job. I don't know if it will sell any sweaters to tiny canines but it certainly provides comic relief to Cordova Studios!

These are handknit from Noro Silk Garden and Silk Garden Lite, some of my all time favorite yarns. I love the wool/silk blend.

Contact me if you have a hot new little canine model in the DFW area. Trinket will be interviewing.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Letting Go

Ok, that sounds dramatic. In some ways it's true. I have decided to let go of some of my treasured fiber-related books. I am selling classic, collector's books on overshot weavings. Of Coverlets: the Legacies, the Weavers, by Wilson and Turner is a huge coffee-table size tome that is rich with photos and text. 'Keep Me Warm Night': Early Weaving in eastern Canada (reserved) is another take on overshot and other techniques with lots of wonderful photos and charts.
Probably the hardest one to let go of is Great Tapestries: The Web of History from 12th to the 20th Century edited byJoseph Jobe'. I loved the Aubusson tapestry technique that I began to learn from John Pierre Larochette . I drooled over the gorgeous pieces in this book.
I feel like someone else should enjoy these books now. My family really has not much appreciation for the richness in them.
I am beginning to list them on Amazon. If by chance anyone out there is interested, please let me know.
P. S. These are my IPhone Photos. No Library of Congress shots available that I can find.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The lady got a new ride

Giant bikes calls her "The Suede" with all her lavender metallic paint and super comfy suede seat. After a long afternoon of test driving bikes, I took a spin on her and knew she was the one. Now I cruise the neighborhood trying to build up my stamina for cycling down three miles to our new Whole Foods. I know, I'm a wimp.
Today Maryann and I are piling our bikes into the back of Frank's old pick-up and rednecking 20 miles out to her favorite bike shop to get further tricked out. I'm getting a rack on the back for saddle bags, or panniers for those in the know, a computer to track my mileage , maybe a rear view mirror, and more reflectors. I want people to see me on the road. Maryann is doing the mirrors and reflectors for starters.
No basket for Trinket, though. I'm still not ready for that. Maybe next spring.

Monday, September 7, 2009

ETC First Monday Sale

ETC First Monday sale!!
♫ ☀☀ It's time again for ETC's First Monday SALE!
Cordova Studios is offering********20% off ALL items****** in the shop Sept 5 and 6. Discount will be credited back to buyer after sale. Discount does not include shipping though.
I will honor my sale from midnight Monday, Sept. 7 until 8 am Tuesday (Sept. 9) morning

I will be entering new items through out the day. Come by and see.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Shopping Extravaganza Sept 5 and 6

Come and shop with Team ESST!!

Team ESST is hosting a September Weekend Shopping Extravaganza!! September 5th and 6th. Come a check out all the great shops from Team ESST. Are you a crafter? EtsySupplyStreetTeam has shops with tons of items for you!

As for us.....well, stop by our shop and see all the great deals. Stock up on fiber and yarn at Cordova Studios. We are offering 20% discount on all items in the shop, including sale items....ok, come and see!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WIP aka "work in progress": Lambs ear afghan

Last summer I ordered a huge roving of this merino and thought the spinning of it would never end. Well, finally it was done over the winter. I plyed it with matching sewing thread. Now part of it's on it's way to being an afghan. That's right, there's more than enough. Trinket's trying to help decide what to do with the rest of this yummy yarn
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