Friday, April 9, 2010

French Kitchen ala Byrd

Yesterday I finally made it to the JL Stitchery Group full of knitters, crochets,quilters and needlepointers. I lost my heart to this "French Kitchen" needlepoint canvas Byrd was working on. Handpainted, it is petit point (read tiny, tiny canvas mesh=dense stitches per inch). She has done incredible color shading and added a variety of stitches to add texture to the piece.

The color cards of yarn are intensely shaded colors and kept on rings by her work. Her scissors hang from a beaded ring to make them easier to find in her tote.

The roosters forage on a textured rug.

Texture has been built up and overlaid with many stitches on the basket. Makes you want to touch it.
She hopes to enter it in the State Fair of Texas this fall as one of her entries. Yes, she will have others besides this extremely detailed piece. I would give it a blue ribbon right now.

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