Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Finery Thing

Each year I treat the family to a toney Easter Egg Hunt and Lunch. Right inside the front door temptation presented itself with this cupcake tree. You could select a cupcake and then decorate with icing and all kinds of candy.

Zoe did as many as she could. This is her first.

The Easter Bunny was outside waiting for kids to swing with "her".

Here Zoe and Charley are waiting for the countdown for the four- to -six age group. Charley stalled out and melted into tears with the crowd, so he didn't get any eggs. Zoe was a pro in her group and scored a respectable amount in the seven-to-twelve age group.

She was a doll all day.

He's still my little man. What's not to love?


  1. What a cool grandma you are! The kids look awesome and like they are having a wonderful time! Now you can rest! Or dye more fiber... hmmmm.

  2. You are a great Grannie. Who would not want to spoil them rotten? They are darling! I am sure the fiber survived without you.

  3. Lovely photos.. I don't think I'd have got past the cupcake tree :lol:

  4. Very cute kids i think you are having fun over there.


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