Monday, August 30, 2010

Serenity at Silver Creek

Saturday Bee and Cap decided to slip off to Silver Creek so Cap could fish.  Bee invited me to tag along  with her to knit on the porch there.  Gorgeous, quiet, green, all this at this lake. 

Jim heads out to cast his line.

Michigan birches framed every view.

The reflections of the trees was almost perfect.

Can you feel the quiet?

Look closely. These big trout slowly and constantly cruise the dock.
My Michigan summer is almost over.  I like the idea of taking memories of quiet minutes back to the "real world".

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wrap-Me-Up-Shawl adventures

Betsy found the pattern for the Wrap-Me-Up-Shawl by Chris de Longpr√© at the Fiber Festival in Charlevoix, Mi., the end of last month.  Since then she has been working as a woman obsessed on her version. 

These are actually pics of her second version.  She frogged (ripped out for the non- knitting savvy) the first one.  Noro Silk Garden in soft creams and mochas made the cut for this version. 

I liked Betsy's choices so much that I basically copied her, except I am doing mine in Silk Garden sock yarn in 2 colorways and and two solids on #4 needles which should make a scarf.  I don't really care.  Learning new stitches and seeing how the textures work out is hypnotic.  Matter of fact, I'm off to steal a few minutes to work on Block 7 right now.

Here are a view finished versions I found on Ravelry or the web:

Monday, August 23, 2010

Porchin' it at Camp for Grown-ups

Summers in Wequetonsing and Harbor Springs are all about porches.  And, porches are key at Camp-for-Grownups, as I like to call it  Most afternoons I end up on someone's porch with my knitting bag.  Betsy's porch is a magnet for folks.  Here we are with Jim in attendance after his golf game.  Shortly after this pic, he went inside to pour up a little wine for us.  After all this is "Camp for Grown-ups".

Betsy is trying to learn "knitting two socks at a time" with the Magic Loop.  Judy is cranking out prayer shawls.  She can't bring her needlepoint to the porch as she can't see it without her magnifier lamp.  Age-appropriate handicaps are such pain.

Barb is dealing with a bird's nest tangle of yarn she hopes to make into socks.  Barb's yarn seems to always be in disarray, but she is undaunted.  After porch time, Barb headed out to do a little kayaking.  See, it really is Camp-for-Grownups.  We are so lucky!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Products from the Porch

Multidirectional Scarf.

I really have been doing something  with all my porch time here in Harbor Springs.  I used Noro silk Garden lite in a funky colorway that I just love for this scarf.   I plan to start another one from some of my own handspun BFL.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning on the Porch

morning on the porch
Originally uploaded by cordovastudios
Trinket and I are all set up on the condo porch this a.m. Three more weeks here in Wequetonsing/Harbor Springs. Still so much fun to be had. I don't want to squander it but want to stay with a balance of activity and easy-going times. Love the morning porch time with coffee, my Mac and the Trink. Today will be a warm one, upper 80's. The locals are complaining but wlll hear nothing from me. My Texas friends are languishing in the 100+ inferno heat down there.

I hope to maybe kayak today, do a little condo embellishing with antique treasures I picked up yesterday, throw a few ready-to-bake cookies in the oven for a weenie roast tonight and then, of course, knit a little bit on my crazy socks.

Still not liking what Flickr did to photo up-load. Much harder to transfer pics to blog. I really like to include multiple photos, but I will have to edit size first before they go to flickr now. Ugh!

Monday, August 2, 2010

beach chairs

beach chairs
Originally uploaded by cordovastudios
Cloudy day yesterday for the big "Ugatta Regatta" in Harbor but at least there was some wind! Saturday the race was cancelled due to complete calm with not even a hint of a breeze.
I love these beach chairs. I see them on my walks down by Roaring Brook homes.
Kat arrives today for a week of chill time. Bikes, walks, shopping, exploring are all possible agenda items. We might even borrow some kayaks and head out for a tour of the harbor. These are pedal, not paddle, kayaks, my definite favorite. Less exerting!
Not missing the extreme heat in Dallas. All 100 degree days expected this week. Ugh!
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