Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pied Piper Uncle Jim's Visit

I can't believe this is the only pic I have of our visit to Six Flags on Saturday. The restrooms, pls, ugh. Son Jim and granddaughters, Stella and Sophie were in town for 6 days and we never stopped. Eight of us hit Six Flags in spite of the 40 mph. winds. That night we had a sleepover at Mimi's for all 4 kiddos. Jim fixed dinner, got baths/showers organized, read stories and got all munchkins in bed. I was flopped in my recliner completely pooped from the day. He then proceeded to go "out". I think I remember having that energy.

Six days is the longest visit I have had with the girls in Dallas. I think Mimi's house is getting much more familiar to them. The three of them will be back in June for Camp Mimi and Sports Camp at the club. I will be resting up until then.

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