Saturday, October 31, 2009

Taos Sunflower stretched

I have been a consummate fan of Taos
Sunflower's rovings.
In my next to last post, I sharing some all balled up and ready for plying. Pictured here are two skeins I gleaned from a previous Falkland roving dyed by the master dyer, Martie. You can tell I like pairing these with this wonderful lichen green merino and silk. I think I have enough for a scarf or a one-skein wonder shawl.

Attack of the Superheros!

Pardon the fuzzy photos. My IPhone struggles inside at a distance but you get the drift. Charley is all about Wolverine and Zoe is hangin' as Flash Girl (anyone, anyone, Who is Flash Girl?).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carding imminent!

My Carder has sat idle in the studio since last spring with bits and bags and ziplocks of gorgeous fiber lolling around it. I'm ready for something FUN to spin after spinning ounces and ounces of apple green merino for plying with Taos Sunflower handpainted roving pictured here. Of course, I do the green merino to make the Sunflower roving go farther, so there is method to my madness. Sunflower is magical with her dyes and I treasure every ounce!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

She Needs an Agent

Trinket's mom is possibly a stage mom. Is that worse than a helicopter mom?
Anyway, we attended the Cavalier King Charles Annual Fun Match yesterday which is held at a gorgeous mini-estate north of Dallas. Cordova Studios contributed two Trinket Dog Sweaters to the silent auction which benefits Cavalier Rescue. Ok, now to the stage mom part. It was borderline sweater weather but our Trinket was stuffed into little sweaters as she strutted around the grounds. Lots of "darling sweater". "She looks so cute." And, wait for it---"you should sell those". Cue stage mom: " It's for sale, you know." Well, jump to the finish. We sold two sweaters, the Christmas one featured in my last post and a black cocktail number complete with pearls, a little gold bling, and our signature ruffle. Trinket flopped down in the doggie stroller after all that work. It was a good day.
We gave 25% of our sweater sales to Cavalier Rescue to help all those little Cav in need.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Here come the holidays

Can you stand it ? I can't believe I am (a) talking about the holidays and (b) am actually knitting holiday DOG sweaters. I finished this one last night and have cast another one onto the needles in just a little bit bigger size. I think the only thing this one might need are a few little bells. We will be showing it off tomorrow at the Cavalier King Charles Fun Match up in Argyle, Texas, at the gorgeous mini-estate of Ted and Mary Grace Eubank. Over a hundred little Cavs will be there. I love the vendors, who have loads of Cav-themed temptations: ornaments, mouse pads, towels, coasters. Oh, and I take Trinket's doggy stroller for this. In the words of my daughter, "That is just wrong!".

Saturday, October 17, 2009

C'est fini!

Third baby afghan for the CURE Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan is ready to be put in the box with the other two and sent off to San Francisco for shipping to Afghanistan. This is my last one for now, but there is still time if you are moved to contribute your knitting skills to this great organization. Here is the link: What a great way to use up those random wool skeins in your stash. AND, it's fun. Mason-Dixon Knitting has a good section log cabin basics if you like this pattern, or use your favorite simple pattern that meets the critiria for CURE. Let me know what you choose.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet Daphne

As promised, I would like to introduce Daphne, the dress form, studio chum of Madeleine, the mannequin. Daphne is an antique with less charm and more "old", as in water-stained and ripped, so I have had to cover her neck with a scarf . BUT, I love having a full length model for shawls. Dressing her up is like having my own person-type doll. Today she is introducing the Clapotis shawl done with a diagonal drop stitch pattern that I LOVE to knit, and the jewel-toned trapezoid shawl knit sideways. This one is knit for my tall friends. Daphne shows it off well.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Novice photo shoot for Madeleine, the mannequin

Well, we definitely need practice. She was too risque au naturelle in the pink scarf. Now I find I am raiding my turtleneck stash for the perfect shirt/background. I think I need a better fitting black one. Maddie will be wearing a soft cream one today for the darker scarves and shawls. I already have her styled downstairs. Had to stop late yesterday afternoon to charge camera battery. Note to self: get a second battery.
Oh, and Maddie has a friend joining her. Stay tuned for her debut. This maybe my answer to American Girl dolls for fiber freak merchants.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Outfit!

That's what I feel like I have. I got Whimsy Graphic Designs to design a whole new look for Cordova Studios: shop, blog, Facebook and Twitter (I'm Kaybelle4 there)and even tags and postcards. I couldn't be more excited if I had had a completely mad shopping spree at Nordstroms. Rebecca is wonderful to work with on design. She's creative, flexible and PATIENT.
Open for comments, critiques. We can still change things. Love to hear from you. Do they call this "rebranding"?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Split Rock Ranch reaches 1000 sales on ETSY

This is huge! Brenda is the owner of Split Rock Ranch where she raises llamas. She is a true Etsian commented and commending others for the work, blog posts, and accomplishments. Visit her blog to see what the 1000th sale brought it's lucky purchaser.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Two and Almost Three, my Obsession continues

I admit it, when I find something I like to knit, I never just knit one. When I returned to knitting regularly about 12 years ago, even while I was weaving and teaching weaving, I became obsessive. First it was socks, about eight pair right off the bat, then the whole knitting washcloth/dishrag thing. Don't have numbers high enough for that. (I translated that into first baby afghan for Afghanistan this fall. Old habits dye hard.) Then it was baby hats and sweaters, followed by Sirdar Snowflake baby blankets. Skip to the present, I broke from the whole how-many-shawls/scarves-can-I-knit swirl to launch into the dog sweaters. Evidence of that is seen previously here on this blog. Now I am loving the log cabin pattern to knit these baby Afghans to send to the CURE Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. The finished one is second afghan, first log cabin, the WIP (work in Progress) or #3, is pictured still on the needles. I have used up so much stash yarn on these, that I am going to call it a success and not let myself start a third log cabin. I am contemplating doing a smaller one out of my Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, but that after the holidays. Yeah, right.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chagrined Cavalier

Poor Ollie, Trinket's buddy, had to model one of my handknit "Trinket sweaters" I have in the shop. He's about 20+ lbs, seven pounds heavier than ever dainty Trinket. I just wanted to see how big a dog it would fit. Subjecting him to this is the equivalent of dressing your little brother up in a gold lame' dance tutu. He clearly is embarassed and is thinking bad thoughts about me.

Monday, October 5, 2009

ETC First Monday Sale

ETC First Monday sale!!
♫ ☀☀ It's time again for ETC's First Monday SALE!
Cordova Studios is offering********20% off ALL items****** in the shop Sept 5 and 6. Discount will be credited back to buyer after sale. Discount does not include shipping though.
I will honor my sale from midnight Monday, OCT. 5until NOON Tuesday (OCT. 6).

I will be entering new items through out the day. Come by and see.

Proud member of Etsy Texas Crafters! Check out our team shop:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Change of Pace

Well, it was heels and fancy handbag yesterday as I headed to Neiman Marcus downtown for a kids style show. Zoe and Charley walked the runway in super cool duds bought for them by Momo, my counterpart grandmother. Zoe's working it in a Juicy Coutour workout suit in black velour with very cool silver lettering. Charley punctuated his super hip jeans and shirt with blinking sunglasses and dirty bucks. Lots of smiles watching all the kids from babies to teens strut their stuff. Then it was off to an elegant lunch in the Zodiac room. What did the kids have? Peanut Butter and Jelly, of course!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wool weather finally!

Wool is still my favorite fiber. Yes, bamboo is soft and drapy. Yes, Seacell makes merino extra soft as seen in the sapphire , but wool is the base of these blends. I am having fun listing more dyed wool churro, more funky natural handspuns, and then my whole cache of gorgeous millspun medium grey Lincoln yarn. This yarn takes dye beautifully to give a heathery effect. Oh, and the little potpourris, like this Fall sampler here are a way to try churro in projects like needle felting.

I dedicating the next few days to filling my shop with more dyed churros to have on hand for the Team Etsy Texas First Monday sale, October 5th.

Check out Fiber Fridays here to catch up with more Wool Lovers!
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