Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TA-DAH: Two-at-tim Socks Two ways

Liz taught a class at the Fancy Fibers Retreat in February on knitting socks two-at-a-time on two needles or on one long circular needle using the magic loop method. Now, I consider myself a seasoned knitter, but this new skill almost had me in tears. It was so frustrating and confusing, but I made myself do it. I have graduated from the two needle method and am no knitting these orange-y brown socks on one 40" size one needle. I think I prefer this to the two circulars method.

These are the finished socks from the two needles. Well, almost finished. They are waiting on double points for me to "Kitchener the toes". This is two Claudia hand-painted yarns.

Yes, I ran out and had to dig around for something to finished the toes with. I hate it when that happens.
Next, I am going to use the magic loop to knit socks from my own hand-painted sock blanks. I've been missed the dye pots with all the Easter distractions the last few weeks.


  1. Two at a time. Yippppeee for me to now know this. Thank you so much.


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