Friday, April 23, 2010

Matisse art roving does alpaca roving & more

Last spring I subscribed to an Art Roving club at Taossunflower Too.  Finally a year later I spun up the "Matisse at Notre Dame" Falkland roving as finely as I could.   I'm still working on my fine yarn spinning.  Anyway.  It turns out I had dyed an alpaca roving with approximately the same colorway.  Total serendipity, for sure.   Short story is I plied them together to get this yarn.  The alpaca softens up the Falkland nicely.  Think I will list it in the shop. I ended up with almost 400 yards.
Remember this?  I think this "Mermaid" "spinning with locks yarn" might be gorgeous in a project with the Matisse.  I have a theory that your taste prevails when you are picking color, and it will co-ordinate with what one already has. What do you think?

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  1. You sure do spin up some gorgeous yarns! Good job.


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