Sunday, July 10, 2011

Up North Floral Abundance

Part of the summer glory up in Northern Michigan includes amazing, bright flowers.  The grand porch above wraps around a rambling manse on Beach Drive.  There are about nine of these boxes adorning it.
 Ok, this is not a box, but a garden that I gravitate toward every year.  Great perennials mixed with annuals to enjoy all summer
 Even the storage shed up at Three Pines Gallery in Cross Village gets it's own dash of color.   I love the gate leaning on the side.
 A big yellow house on Beach Drive sports four of these patriot boxes.  Love to have wine here with my friend and watch the boats on the bay.
 In Harbor Springs, one of the galleries has these geraniums with all the trailing white blossoms.

 My favorite knit shop anywhere, anywhere, Cynthia Too/Two in Petoskey has all of this floral glory out in front just drawing you into Cynthia's shop.  She has tempting yarn and unbelieveably cute gift ideas all over the shop.  I go here twice a month for Open Knit day.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Harbor Skies

Thursday night Harbor Springs hosted a Gallery Walk that included ten or twelve art galleries serving up great art, blown glass and sculpture.  But, to me the great art was upstaged by the cloud patterns that night  accented by the quaint architecture of Main Street.
How can you not love the festive evening with a stage set such as this?
Or this?  Oh, and did I mention it was a perfectly delightful 75 degrees as we strolled with streets with our glasses of Chardonnay?
Blissful evening.
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