Monday, January 11, 2010

Wii and Me

Ok, that's a corny title, but at first it seems like playing the Wii and working out to the Wii IS corny, but then you realize, "Wow, I'm winded" or "I really feel that". Promise this is not going to be a testimonial on the Wii, just my rededication to working out with this crazy piece of electronics. I got my Wii over a year ago mostly for the family to enjoy at Sunday night suppers. We laughed hysterically at Zoe learning bowling, Charley madly boxing, and the adults getting quietly more competitive in their tennis matches. That competitive thing seems hereditary.
I gave each of my kids' family one for Christmas last year. Jen's group wore their's out once and had to send it in for repairs. Reports started coming back about the workouts with Wii Fit being effective and fun with lots of variety.
Bottom line is, this winter the procrastination is over here. I am hitting the Wii Fit platform regularly doing bits of balance, yoga, and aerobics so for. This is the brutal stuff that this little Mii tells you.

I have yet to bust out the new Wii Active that has the strength bands in it.

For me with this severe cold spell curtailing the length of my walks with Trinket, the Wii is a good answer.
Feedback: anyone else out there doing the Wii thing?

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