Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Secret Passion: Dishes

I think I got it from my sweet mother. She loved pretty plates and lovely china pieces. When she had filled up their house, she started outfitting me. Quimper pottery was my drug of choice. She bumped my collection exponentially.

In that vein, I love French pottery. Last week at a birthday dinner for a old friend, the hostess had the "Epanuel" plates for our entre'. I flipped it over and scurried to Anthropologie to get some for my house. I mean, how could I not? Trinket would never forgive me, with her being the most precious Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in our neighborhood. Even hitting two Anthropologie stores, I could only score six. Ok, that will work. But, if any of you see these at your local Anthropologie store, let me know.

Nathalie Lete is the artist. She lives and works in France. I love all her stuff, dishes, shopping bags, art, you name it. Check out her stuff.

I had to make myself step away from bringing home this "Francophile" one. And you thought fiber, food, and flowers were my only passions??

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