Sunday, January 24, 2010

CFS Night

No, it's not some sort of Sunday School or Christian Fellowship affair. No, m'am! It's CHICKEN-FRIED STEAK night. The call doesn't come too often, but when Jerry and Annie fire up the skillet for this carb heavy feast I come running. It's a southern fried blowout. I sat down this restrained plate of what I like to call the "hot fudge sundae" of entree's.
It starts with a platter of Jerry's pounded, breaded and fried steaks.

You pair it with cream peas the Fosters buy by the huge bagful from Sides Farm. This is like sharing gold nuggets. See the bacon in the pot? Have to cook peas with pork fat. I used to put a big nasty piece of salt pork in mine back 35 years ago.

When you push back from the table you have to walk around for a bit to make room for the pies, yes, plural, pies. Eleanor brought a brownie fudge pie(blogger only let me use 5 photos, so no pic). We got to put a piece of that decadence on a plate with Annie's chocolate cream pie, below.
Both pies were slathered with fresh whipped cream. I am a devoted fan of Annie's pie crust. She is a master. Says she uses the "Cook's Magazine Cookbook" recipe. I hope to have a tutorial over spring break when she's not teaching to see if it's true: it's never too late to learn a new skill. But then can my jeans really afford for me to have dreamy pies on the kitchen counter beckoning me?


  1. Oh YUM to everything. I'm feeling the need to eat meat for breakfast! I would even settle for peas and pie!!!!

  2. Too funny Laurie!! Ditto...I'm from carb filled mid-west, looks great!


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