Monday, January 18, 2010

Garden Stuff: Margaret Roach's cool blog

Perusing DMN Thursday's gardening section I found Mariana Greene's article on this fresh, gorgeous Blog by Margaret Roach, a former Martha Stewart minion who left to head to upstate New York and follow her gardening muse self.

I was drawn to her posts on crusty Brit, Ruth Stout, who mulched her garden to 8" heights, piling hay on decomposing vegetable matter without digging. See, I love this method, so it's reassuring to see this method is ok and successful. I HATE digging. I'm off to the feed store for hay. Next, it's a call to Cindy at Jacob's Reward Farm for some of her "alpaca gold" compost and I'm off to make my own lasagna mulch, layer by layer.

It looks like my blog is evolving into topics: fiber stuff, food stuff, garden stuff and a tiny bit of family stuff. I suspect that my popcorn brain likes bouncing around topics so please bear with me and continue to follow.


  1. You need Gold? I got Gold, mama.

  2. I know. I would love several bags of it to start with. Weds. maybe? I will bring tarps for the back of the Caddie.


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