Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Remember This?

I posted this picture of the WIP sage green afghan in August. This week I finally finished this monster. Don't get me wrong. It's beautiful, soft and warm. I am so pleased with it. BUT, I had to wait for cold weather to stand having it on my lap
as I knit it. I knit it on chunky size 15 needles to accommodate the lofty handspun merino I plied with sewing thread.

I had a jillion skeins of it, so an afghan seemed indicated. Guess what, I still have a huge skein and 1/2 skein left. Geez!

We are having a doozy of a frigid cold winter here in Dallas so now I have a new cover for those naps on the couch in front of the fire. I might even let Trinket share.


  1. It's absolutely GORGEOUS. I can only imagine how soft and cozy it is. Is this Adele's pattern?

  2. Very pretty Kay! Looks like it is finished just in time for the cold weather too.

  3. T-Sun: Thanks. Yep, it is trusty Adele adapted to afghan status.

  4. That's a gorgeous color, Kay - you must have been spinning for a long time to get all that yarn! I love how it looks posed by your Lamb's Ears!

  5. I love your skill and the colour you chose for this afghan. xx

  6. The afghan is gorgeous! It really is soft too, I was able to see it first hand yesterday. I love it.


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