Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wacky to Wonderful

In our family, to have a sense of humor is to survive. My brother Steve got my Dad's sideways wit. This Christmas, we agreed to not share gifts. Ok, then this box arrives from New Canaan. Really, Steve? You are cheating on our agreement. Then out popped these insane, fur-cuffed, bejeweled (see the ring finger?) rubber gloves. I guess he was channelling a Dallas Diva me. Sure! After all the fingerless mitts (about 15-20 pair) I have knit this winter, this seemed like the perfect GLOVE ending

Then Vicki, who seems to be a caretaker for my ridiculous sweet tooth, arrives with
six of the chocolate beauties above. Melt in your mouth is a cliche but, wow , was it appropriate as far as these cupcakes were concerned. Notice I said "was". They are history.

To carry on with the whole chocolate theme, FedEx brought a box holding these hot chocolate mixes done by Crate and Barrel. These babies have chunks of chocolate in them. I choose to put two spoonfuls in the bottom of a cup and then pour my favorite steaming hot Buckies blend coffee over it. Stir, and you are in chocolate/coffee heaven.

I chose to OD and do it with one of the deadly cupcakes. Oh, the cute strawberry mug was in the box too. I have such great friends.

Ok, enough with the sugar rave. Dia, my fabulous potter friend, gifted me with one of her clay yarn bowls. I love it for taming crazy rolling balls of yarn and as a prop for my Etsy shop. All her info is on the card above. Check it out.


  1. Yum - I'll be right over. Wait, it's all gone?? Never mind...


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