Friday, January 15, 2010

Remember the Spinning-with-Locks Project?

Boerne, Texas and the Kid and Ewe Wool Festival back in November was the beginning of it. I bought the lusciously dyed mohair locks from Kai Ranch, then found that merino bump of roving in pale, pale peach and started learning from Laurie, a spinning maven friend. Well, I am in love with the lock spinning.

I ended up with three skeins spun on jumbo bobbins on my Kromski wheel. These are big fluffy skeins wound on my 2-yard kniddy-knoddy.

I plied it with correspondingly pale mercerized cotton thread so as to let the full craziness of the locks be preserved.

I'm still deciding if these are going into my personal stash or if they will go into my Etsy shop. I've been posting lots of newer hand-spuns there for fun. If I keep these lock-y skeins, I'm thinking one of my lacy triangle shawls with ruffle edge or maybe just a simple rectangular shawl to let the yarn stand on it's own.

Meanwhile, all kinds of ideas of how to incorporate locks into to my spinning are tumbling around in my complicated head. Using the locks keeps the spinning interesting for me. Beautifully painted rovings are lovely and all, but I do get a little bored sometimes. Hmmmmm, bet I could ratchet that up a bit with my new


  1. This is beautiful yarn...I think you should give yourself the pleasure of knitting with it!

  2. I will probably look at it for awhile before it becomes "something", i'm not sure what yet. Any ideas?


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