Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tulip Time

I LOVE tulips in my spring garden. In in the midst of of all this holiday hubbub, I dug out my garden journal to find my notes on my favorites.Angelique, above, is a gorgeous double I planted two years ago. It blooms later.
Pink Impression is tall, stalwart against winds, blooms early and is long lasting. I'll buy the most of these.

Queen of the Night, above, is a dramatic beauty that I like to pair with Pink Impressions so it will show. I find dark flowers need to be contrasted with lighter colors to be dramatic. All these will flow around the fuchsia cyclamen already adorning the bed. Now I just need a few white alyssum and white crocus to show of these glamourous ladies.

I think I love gardening as a way of feeding my craving for color and design. I like to select the non-cliche' flora when I can. That means I don't do carpets of pansies and marching lines of bulbous kale as seen around here in abundance. Ok, so tulips are part of spring and everywhere. I plead mea culpa.

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