Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ssssshush, I'm going to share a secret

Do you know about Pioneer Woman? She is my new favorite blogger and so much more. Evidently she's been quiet a sensation for awhile now. I'm just now finding her. She writes of her life on a working cattle ranch in rural Oklahoma with her husband, Marlboro Man, and her four children. But, it's so much more. She has just finished a book tour for her New York Times bestseller cookbook, Pioneer Woman Cooks.

I'm just sorry I missed her here in Dallas. Anyway, true to my compulsive self, I have
(a) run out to Borders and bought myself a copy,
(b) sent my best New Mexico kitchen friend a copy for Christmas, and
(c), drumroll,please, just finished preparing Fancy Macaroni myself to have here for the holiday weekend. It has bacon, onions and yummy cheeses like gruyere, parmesan(the good kind) and feta. I quickly slid it into the back fridge to bake for family Sunday dinner. Sampling was a sinful temptation.
This picture of the baked pan of sin is Ree's. Mine still needs to be baked, ok?


  1. I've wondered for a long time how she gets so much crammed into one lifetime....maybe she should write a book about that!

  2. She is a marvel. The cookbook is actually fun to read with lots of goodies about ranch life and even before that.


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