Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sugar Love Affair Continues

Kid's Christmas parties have a new angle these days: a full-on cookie decorating station. Why wasn't this thought of 50 ( allow me the fudge on years there) years ago?
I would have been all over it. Anyway, yesterday right as you enter this fancy Christmas to-do a table laden with cookies and all the fixings was on our left.
I could have just eaten one each of the blanks.

But, dishes overflowing with creamy, colorful icing and little ramekins full of about twenty different choices of cookie amendments.
Zoe was super serious about her creation. That peppermint you see on the side stayed there for a separate treat.
See the little Christmas tree and stars? I want some of those for my stash. Mimi requested her own cookie to have for dessert after brunch. I ate the whole little bell loving every sugary bite.


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