Thursday, December 17, 2009


Nothing prepared me for the richness of the Christmas party with the Wednesday Texas Twisters. After filling plates from two tables of potluck temptations for lunch, we gathered around the circle of wheels, now 18 women, and started the whole gift thing. Well, first it was Cindy passing around a grab bag of wrapping gifts for everyone. We all got little sheep of some sort. Mine is above with the bookmark made for each of us by birthday girl, Sharon. Love the hand spun tassel! Then cute Joanne showed up with a cookie sheet of little yarn and needles magnets for everyone. FYI, she started with a little fluff of fiber and then wound the yarn around it. The needles, aka toothpicks, have little beads glued on the ends. Evidently it took some experimentation with glues to find the right one for attaching all that to the magnets. I love these!

Then, Laurie popped out her little "Laurie" doll out of her bag. I couldn't resist her. I guess I will always be a hopeless doll lover. But isn't she cute?
She just watched what followed.
All, this and we hadn't even begun the gift exchange. It was one of those deals where you get to pick a new gift or take something someone else has already opened. Anyway, I ended with a very cool bag of stuff. Stay tuned for that "reveal" tomorrow.
I went home thinking generosity of spirit from so many is truly a blessing.

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