Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shameless Peddler

As promised this is the postscript to "Party for Eighteen". Amazing fun and fellowship (did I mention that it was my guild from church) was had by all. As the wine flowed , talk turned to my fingerless mitts. This shameless peddler (moi) quickly arrayed all my inventory (see December 2 post) on the kids' craft table. At the end of the evening this is the last soldier standing. Wow, who knew? This may be the new venue of what used to be my "trunk show" of my weavings in my New Mexico days. Yours truly used to keep finishing work in the back of my Forerunner just in case someone expressed interest. It was quite successful. Now if I can just translate that into a little less of an effort than a huge entertaining event, I may be onto something here in Texas.


  1. Way to go, Shameless...hustle the church crowd. Mazeltov.

  2. CONGRATS on all your sales!
    OK, one left??? How much wine was consumed? Someone only bought one? :)

  3. Ok, the number of dead soldiers( empty wine bottles) is classified. Yes, some one bought only one but ordered one more pair. It's all good.


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