Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole of Dinner for 18

Yep, that's right. And they are coming tonight. Actually it's a piece of cake. I just provide the house and the TABLE for eighteen. Raise your hand if you happen to have one of those handy. Me, I just recruit sweet Rosario to help me move the impossibly heavy breakfast room table that happens to expand to a handy 84 ", to sidle up beside my 94" long dining table, spread a mosaic of 3 big tablecloths over it, and then crunch 18 place settings where 14 really should be.

Ok, done. Now how to you find chairs small enough to fit in these munchkin spaces? Call friends. Bring me your little chairs. Done. Now all I have to do is light the candles. Where is the Aim-n-Flame when you need it??

Ok, now that I have you thinking I'm superwoman of the table setters, I must come clean. My guests all bring the food. I just provide the set up and the ice. I do this every December because we have the very best time. I promise a full report in my next post. Honest.

BTW, Trinket was absolutely no help at all.

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