Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Accessory Indulgence

Yes, that is a custom beverage holder on my Kromski Sonata Spinning wheel, and I love it.  I can see my spinning sisters turn a little green with envy when they spy it.  I found it on Etsy at FBN Plastics.  They make them to fit many wheels but still don't have one for my Symphony wheel.  That's ok.  I never take her away from her spot in the studio.  I am busy spinning up more yarns for the shop here.  Cordova Studios needs more handspuns!


  1. You talk about spinning with locks. What are locks? Is it a different way of spinning? Alpacamama (Peggy Ralston)

  2. Peggy,
    Re: spinning with locks. I love to have a roving to spin and then I had kid mohair locks, angelina etc. to it. So much fun.


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