Thursday, May 20, 2010

spinner's basket: Take 2

We got this far yesterday by 3 or so in the afternoon.  I have to say basket weaving is great fun, and something I want to learn more about.  We have made a date to return next week and  finish with edge and weave the upper baskets.

Here is my basket with purple and green accents and a straw braid in the middle.  The corners are rather wonky, I must say.

Edie, ont he other hand, nailed it.  Her basket is very square and precise.  She was a great coach.

Here is the fun stuff we had to play with for color.  I want to snatch some more bright stuff for my top edging.
Joanne's smile says it all about how we felt about our day.


  1. Pretty pretty! Great picture of Joanne!

  2. It was FUN, and really, who needs to be square, when you can be wonky??


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