Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunny Day Treasury trials

I am failing miserably at getting screen shots off my Mac, but here is a portion of the Etsy Treasury I created today.
I love composing the treasuries but hate the part about sharing them, as I am such a klutz with the screen shot tools.  And, no, I don't have the GRAB tool on my Mac.  I want the whole treasury but can't get it to scroll down and get the bottom part.  Ugh.  Help out there, people, people???


  1. Ok, I have a mac, too, and this is how I get my screen shots. First, hit command, shift, F for a full screen. Then position the treasury pic on the screen so you see the whole thing. Then, hit command, shift, 4 which brings up the crosshairs. Click and drag to highlight the treasury. Let go and voila, screen shot perfection! Hope that works for you!

  2. Ohhhh - lurking Macster, stealing that wonderful hint!! Thanks!


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