Monday, May 17, 2010

Sun! Another Garden Digression

Sun!  I now have a sunny place in my yard for perennials, more roses and flowering vines.  Dallas's crazy heavy winter snow storm took out a tree that was shading this part of the yarn.  I had  gorgeous azaleas and hydrangeas in the shade there.  Well, all those had to be relocated to more friendly shade sites, and I got to plan with Peggy, of Peggy Tapp Landscaping,  a whole new bed.  The collaboration has been a blast.  With her design sense and fabulous crew I now have this new garden feature to feed my lust for hardy perennials,  Knock-out Roses,  iris, and even colorful annuals.


  1. your garden looks beautiful. I would love to sit on that bench :)

  2. How lovely! I agree with Pat, that bench is very inviting!!


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