Friday, November 20, 2009

Loving Lisa's Locks

As promised, here are the results of spinning with luscious kid mohair locks from Lisa Shell and Kai Ranch. Laurie helped me with spinning locks in Boerne. I am hoping to get back to this after Thanksgiving and our big family reunion. Can't see having the spinning wheel up in the midst of that crowd. Thank goodness the Sonata collapses so well. I would love to have luck dyeing things like this creamy peach merino roving. Pale colors are hard to achieve for me.


  1. This is so beautiful! When I saw the colors you picked, I knew you'd make great yarn. I get pale colors by putting fiber in the dyepot after I've dyed the deep colors. Since most of it has exhausted into the first batch, the second batch comes out really pale and you know you'll get colors that blend well together.

  2. Beautiful photo and fibers. Lisa's locks are the best, no contest there!

  3. The yarn is lovely. Oh, so soft and the colors fabulous. You did a great job spinning it.


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