Monday, November 2, 2009

Jacob's Reward Farm, Texas's 1st CSA Farm

Yesterday I became a 2010 shareholder in Jacob's Reward Farm located just north of Dallas in Parker, Texas. Quoting Cindy's website, "CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, an ancient trade model that brings the community back into the middle of the farming experience. Harking to the days when folks knew where their food and fiber came from, and knew the people who produced it, CSA’s once again draw people closer to the farm experiences and products they enjoy". The farm's alpaca herd is delightful. The Jacob sheep were a little more shy. I decided to purchase a 2010 share that will mix in fibers from smaller farms who can't quite meet the CSA requirement yet. Love supporting women in this venture.

For my membership I will share in next year's fiber harvest which, judging by the bags and bags of processed 2009 fiber here will be rich. Also, fresh eggs, a spinning lesson, and a drop spindle. Best of all I get to enjoy a little farm life even though I live in the big city.



  1. Kay - so happy to have you in the family! Thanks for your support, and for your inspiration as a fellow fiber artist! God bless!
    Cindy and the critters

  2. Very exciting! And you don't have to muck, or feed, or worry about the vet bills...not to mention the fun of the surprise when you get your fibers.


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