Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Color Feast: Kai Ranch Kid Mohair Locks

Getting to touch and gasp over the colors of Kai Ranch's Lisa Shell's dyed kid mohair locks was the highlight of the Kid N Ewe Wool Festival. For me, Lisa's sense of color is truly inspired.She sets up her booth with bins of color lit by her special lamp. I scoured the booths looking for a roving to spin with the locks. Texas Fiber Mill had fresh colors in their mohair bumps. I quickly purchased one and scurried back to Lisa's booth to make my own mix to spin.
Laurie coached me on lock spinning and I was off. After spinning bobbin after bobbin of thin rovings for plying, I was ready for a little creativity.
Ok, but where is this spinning? That will be my next post.
I just wanted to share the color banquet of the locks in this one.

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