Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sassy Spinster Star

I know, the title shows my prejudice. And, ok, I had to have this picture first. I never thought a trip to Second Saturday at the Sassy Spinster in Lancaster with Zoe would mean she got to sit at spinning wheel.

Saint Susan had two nice ladies getting their first spinning lesson on their new Kromski wheels. Zoe was fascinated and looked on. Pretty soon Susan had grabbed this little Babe wheel, found the perfect little child's chair, and had Zoe learning to treadle. Here she is after working with getting commercial yarn on to the bobbin. Who cares if it went both directions? Then Susan gave her this roving. It was a little ropey, but hey?

She was multi-tasking toward the end of the afternoon. I think she also polished off a granola bar while she worked on her rope.
Here is the line up of ladies. Lori at the top, is an accomplished spinner who shared with the newbies.
This was in the getting-yarn-on-the-bobbin phase. I think Zoe was checking a bird's nest of yarn that was forming in the floor.
Such a full day of friends, fiber, food and just plain fun. Zoe's six-year-old self was asleep before we made the turn on to the highway.


  1. Zoe is so lucky to have a Mimi to provide such great experiences and introduce her to these arts. And I know Mimi loves it because try as I may, I still can't even sew on a button.

  2. Fantastic! She looks like she's doing a great job! Rope is useful, too!

  3. That is so sweet !!! Makes me happy !

  4. Hey there! I just found your blog while searching for the Sassy Spinster! I'm a regular up at that shop on Wednesday nights! You took great pictures and your little girl looks like she had a blast!
    Susan is a saint indeed!


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