Friday, October 2, 2009

Wool weather finally!

Wool is still my favorite fiber. Yes, bamboo is soft and drapy. Yes, Seacell makes merino extra soft as seen in the sapphire , but wool is the base of these blends. I am having fun listing more dyed wool churro, more funky natural handspuns, and then my whole cache of gorgeous millspun medium grey Lincoln yarn. This yarn takes dye beautifully to give a heathery effect. Oh, and the little potpourris, like this Fall sampler here are a way to try churro in projects like needle felting.

I dedicating the next few days to filling my shop with more dyed churros to have on hand for the Team Etsy Texas First Monday sale, October 5th.

Check out Fiber Fridays here to catch up with more Wool Lovers!


  1. Wow! Beautiful Yarns. Thanks for sharing them with us on Fiber Arts Friday.

  2. Love your yarns. They make me want to go dye!!

  3. G'day, wow great colors in your yarn. I love bamboo, it is soft and pretty good with cotton blend. Very flexible too, not like acrylic yarn. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend :)


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