Friday, October 23, 2009

Here come the holidays

Can you stand it ? I can't believe I am (a) talking about the holidays and (b) am actually knitting holiday DOG sweaters. I finished this one last night and have cast another one onto the needles in just a little bit bigger size. I think the only thing this one might need are a few little bells. We will be showing it off tomorrow at the Cavalier King Charles Fun Match up in Argyle, Texas, at the gorgeous mini-estate of Ted and Mary Grace Eubank. Over a hundred little Cavs will be there. I love the vendors, who have loads of Cav-themed temptations: ornaments, mouse pads, towels, coasters. Oh, and I take Trinket's doggy stroller for this. In the words of my daughter, "That is just wrong!".


  1. Love the new sweater! I, too, am thinking holidays. What's the doggy stroller look like?

  2. These are adorable! My dogs would HATE me if I put them in one of these. But I loev them, so cute!


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