Sunday, October 25, 2009

She Needs an Agent

Trinket's mom is possibly a stage mom. Is that worse than a helicopter mom?
Anyway, we attended the Cavalier King Charles Annual Fun Match yesterday which is held at a gorgeous mini-estate north of Dallas. Cordova Studios contributed two Trinket Dog Sweaters to the silent auction which benefits Cavalier Rescue. Ok, now to the stage mom part. It was borderline sweater weather but our Trinket was stuffed into little sweaters as she strutted around the grounds. Lots of "darling sweater". "She looks so cute." And, wait for it---"you should sell those". Cue stage mom: " It's for sale, you know." Well, jump to the finish. We sold two sweaters, the Christmas one featured in my last post and a black cocktail number complete with pearls, a little gold bling, and our signature ruffle. Trinket flopped down in the doggie stroller after all that work. It was a good day.
We gave 25% of our sweater sales to Cavalier Rescue to help all those little Cav in need.

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  1. Your sweaters are so cute! After my upcoming craft show, my next adventure is dog sweaters! And Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are my absolute favorite breed of dog! They are such adorable, sweet dogs - and this coming from a "cat person". :)


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