Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh the dilemma: Wet or Dry Pencils??

First I couldn't figure out what to draw/sketch. Then I looked around and saw some of my favorite things. Ok, perfect vignettes right in front of me. The print chair just floats on the page, because I wasn't sure how to get it to "sit" on the floor AND I was worn out getting the print fabric done! Next it was the Jam Cupboard. The lamps are on. Can you tell? That's another challenge. In the middle of doing Mimi's Chair, I switch from wet pencils to dry pencils with wet watercolor brush to finish. Front of chair and ottoman are wet pencil, the rest got the wet brush. I like the softness of this.
I snuck over to Michael's this week and used a coupon for a little set of watercolors. Just a notch about the kiddie version. Can't wait to try them next.
Fiber people: no worries I am almost done with second baby afghan and have plans for another. Oh, and I feel a dye day coming on...

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