Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The lady got a new ride

Giant bikes calls her "The Suede" with all her lavender metallic paint and super comfy suede seat. After a long afternoon of test driving bikes, I took a spin on her and knew she was the one. Now I cruise the neighborhood trying to build up my stamina for cycling down three miles to our new Whole Foods. I know, I'm a wimp.
Today Maryann and I are piling our bikes into the back of Frank's old pick-up and rednecking 20 miles out to her favorite bike shop to get further tricked out. I'm getting a rack on the back for saddle bags, or panniers for those in the know, a computer to track my mileage , maybe a rear view mirror, and more reflectors. I want people to see me on the road. Maryann is doing the mirrors and reflectors for starters.
No basket for Trinket, though. I'm still not ready for that. Maybe next spring.

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  1. Oh oh...are the sidewalks of Dallas safe now? Or is it the streets?


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