Monday, June 13, 2011

Three Pines Studio for Knit-in Public Day

Where did you KIP on Saturday?  I got to knit in the gorgeous environment at Three Pines Studio in Cross Village, just 20 miles from my condo here in Harbor Springs.  Gene, Joann and Linda set us up in the studio of this gorgeous gallery. 

Dot, decked out in handknits of sweater, vest, fair isle socks and wrist warmers, spun away on a two-ply yarn she plans to use in a fair isle bag.  Jeez, she actually spins for a specific project. Such a foreign concept to me.

Meta brought her electric Hanson spinning and was spinning lace weight coral loveliness from rovings she had blended with angora, silk, and merino, I think.  She quietly brought out a basket of her hand spuns.  Wow!
Her little coils in these add texture and magic.

The little colored bits in this one are silk noil.  I love the boucle' look of it.

I just love this photo with the spotlight on the skein. 

Doesn't this lace shawl blow you away?  Karen, the lace guru designed and knit this number.  I am going to take a class from her later in June to see if I can overcome my resistance to charts, tiny yarns and having to THINK when I knit.  Don't look for this kind of work from me though.  I like the phrase, "simple" chart.

For me, an inspiring, friendly afternoon up here in the north woods just confirmed how fiber friends are a source of artistic inspiration and companionship wherever you find them.  Ravelry rocks!  I found Dot and Meta there and the rest is history.  And, I get to head up to Three Pines Studio each Tuesday afternoon this summer to knit on the porch.


  1. What a wonderful place to spin and knit! I like that Dot is wearing a handknit sweater, vest and socks! It was almost 100 here. :) Love the yarns and the shawl. Enjoy that class.

  2. Yes, I signed up for the lace class and am considering a Tunisian crochet class. That long crochet hook is intriguing.


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