Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kicking back Up North

Yes, Up North, is the way Michiganders refer to northern Michigan.  I am almost feeling guilty to be enjoying the cool, even breezy cold, weather here as Dallasites suffer with 100 degree heat already in early June.  I think the summer there could be a b@3%h.  I love wearing sweaters and light weight jackets.  Wish I had brought more flats and not so many sandals.  Oops, am I rubbing it in?
So much to do here.  Friday night we cruised around the sidewalk party in Petoskey.  I got to visit the precious Cynthia2 knit shop.  They have knitting gatherings on certain Saturdays this summer that I want to frequent.

Also got to visit Fustini's in person.  I have been ordering specialty olive oils and vinegars  online for them.  In the store you get to taste all the products.  Fabulous.  They are temporarily discontinuing Porcini Mushroom Oil so I selected Lemon instead to companion with my fave vinegar, Lavender.
Yummy choices to add to my big full meal salads.
The Harbor Springs farmers market should be starting soon, so uber fresh lettuce and tomatoes will be just a bike ride away.  I'm telling you, this is Camp-for-Grownups.


  1. Trying hard not to be too jealous, Kay - and it's killing me. But I will enjoy your vacation vicariously, and imagine a brisk breeze at my back as I tend to my outdoor animal chores...

  2. Cindy, I feel your pain, truly I do. I have been there. Miss you.

  3. Love the picture of the lake. Yes, it is really hot, but this is Texas after all. :)

  4. The Up North Chamber of Commerce should grab a hold of you! Robin


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