Sunday, February 6, 2011

Storm Retrospective

Dallas has endured a week of the coldest temperatures in years accompanied by treacherous ice that immobilized the city and the a combo of snow and ice that applied the coup d' grace ( or Ice??). 
My little lake actually froze.
Can you see it through the trees?
Schools were closed for a record 4 days sending mothers into bouts of insanity and desperate searches for yet more videos and movies for the kiddos.  My kids and grandkids migrated here on Thursday.  We slid up to Starbucks and the donut shop, then brought the yumminess home as both establishments were packed with desperate cabin fever victims.  There is some complaint from my kin that I keep my house too cold.  Witness the bundle-upness of these sissies.  I think Zoe is under the lavender blanket. Charley ate is Yogurt-and-honey in his parka.
The Super Bowl is today, finally.  Poor Jerry Jones couldn't have had a worse nightmare that this horrid weather and the accompanying bad press.  Businesses who anticipated record revenues have big losses as the city was immobilized.  Here by the lake, though,  it's been a week of super contentment time. Homebodies love this stuff.

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