Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shallow Gal

If my TV viewing is good, I am good.  Shallow, huh?  I have subscribed to DirecTV for thirteen years but have been hearing the siren call of AT&T Uverse for about a year from my kids and neighbors.  Two weeks ago I got on line, worked with on-line chat guy and signed up.  He/she patiently took over an hour with all my senior lady questions such as "will my internet speed be really that much faster?  The ad says so".  "Will I be able to truly have five TV's that are all watching something different?" These are all "duh" questions but he/she patiently answer them and then stayed with me until I completed the order.  Again, "duh".  They want the $$.
Anyway, install was done yesterday with a timely technician even with Dallas's dicey, icy streets.  Big ole bubba of a guy just methodically lumbered around my house for 5-6 hours setting everything up.  And I LOVE IT!
Here is the detris of DirectV:
 My goodness, that is a ridiculous amount of remotes.  I think I will harvest the batteries.  That sounds like organ transplanting:
. .. Sorry.
Bye, bye clunky DVRs.  I have turned my back on you.  I am swooning over the user-friendly, smaller remotes and tidy little receivers for U-Verse.  I am amazed that I am actually liking an AT&T product.  Again, with the shallow thing.

Now if you get stuck in the house long enough, and you are me who hates, hates paperwork, bills and taxes you finally are faced with this:
I spent three hours on this mess yesterday waiting for my Shrek-sized AT&T tech.  Silly me has no "after" photo.  Shallow me hates the mature approach to business and paper work.  Give me a dye pot or drum carder or spinning wheel any day.

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