Monday, February 14, 2011

On the porch : Puzzles and presents

Packages!  Who doesn't love finding packages on the porch?  I shop compulsively on-line and cannot always keep track of what's coming when.    Well, Saturday a.m. I headed out to grab the paper off the driveway and there they were!  Two boxes from UPS.  One was a total surprise.   My Michigan buddy, Judy, sent me goodies from our favorite bakery in Petoskey:  their decadent granola and a little bonus bag of biscotti.  Yum!  That granola is good just as a grab-a-handful snack before it ever gets in a bowl with milk.  Judy arrives today for a week of crazy fun.   She gets to help me whittle this tub of sin down a bit.

Do you like puzzles?  Our family loves them.  I've had one out on my big square coffee table most of the winter.   The whole crew comes over most Sundays for supper.  The puzzle is magnetic.  We all end up there visiting and solving.  The other porch box had these two 500 piece puzzles that I ordered from Amazon with a Groupon coupon.  Groupon, Zulily, Living Social, all those on-line discount deals are a new deadly obsession, but that's another blog.  I'll let the crew decide which one we do first.

This could be the sentimental favorite.  "Say Cheese"!

Edgy!  Yeppers, got this one as a funky homage to Valentine's Day.  I might want to insist on it as being first.
Tell me what you think about puzzles?  We really prefer 500 pieces to the huge 1000 piece ones unless we have two weeks of blissful vacation in my Weque place.  The kids can do 150 piece ones, especially if they are Disney related.

P. S.:  This just in---Judy called and has the flu.  She has had to cancel the trip. We are so disappointed.  Get well, girlfriend. 


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  2. Oh, YUM! I am hungry for granola and biscotti now, they look wonderful. Great puzzles. Did you get one started?

  3. had biscotti AND granola this a.m. Bliss.
    Have not started a puzzle. My family is scattered to the winds right now. Maybe next weekend. I could always start one by myself. Right up there with Words With Friends as a time chaser.


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