Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wrap-Me-Up-Shawl adventures

Betsy found the pattern for the Wrap-Me-Up-Shawl by Chris de Longpré at the Fiber Festival in Charlevoix, Mi., the end of last month.  Since then she has been working as a woman obsessed on her version. 

These are actually pics of her second version.  She frogged (ripped out for the non- knitting savvy) the first one.  Noro Silk Garden in soft creams and mochas made the cut for this version. 

I liked Betsy's choices so much that I basically copied her, except I am doing mine in Silk Garden sock yarn in 2 colorways and and two solids on #4 needles which should make a scarf.  I don't really care.  Learning new stitches and seeing how the textures work out is hypnotic.  Matter of fact, I'm off to steal a few minutes to work on Block 7 right now.

Here are a view finished versions I found on Ravelry or the web:


  1. Beautiful!! What a fun project to work on. I will be anxious to see it when you come back to the furnace part of the country. :)


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