Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Products from the Porch

Multidirectional Scarf.

I really have been doing something  with all my porch time here in Harbor Springs.  I used Noro silk Garden lite in a funky colorway that I just love for this scarf.   I plan to start another one from some of my own handspun BFL.


Crazy fuchsia socks from sock blank 
I'm ready to shape the toes on these wild socks.  Dyeing sock blanks is a new passion.  I have another one to start knitting when I finish these tonight.  Anybody else love picking colors for their socks?


  1. I love the scarf; the colors are beautiful...
    I love the socks they are wild and wonderful.....You are so inspirational.....

  2. I've gotta try sock blanks--it looks like so much fun! And the scarf is gorgeous. I think I have that pattern (Laurie shared it with me) and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Yours is so beautiful--saweet! xoxo


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