Monday, August 23, 2010

Porchin' it at Camp for Grown-ups

Summers in Wequetonsing and Harbor Springs are all about porches.  And, porches are key at Camp-for-Grownups, as I like to call it  Most afternoons I end up on someone's porch with my knitting bag.  Betsy's porch is a magnet for folks.  Here we are with Jim in attendance after his golf game.  Shortly after this pic, he went inside to pour up a little wine for us.  After all this is "Camp for Grown-ups".

Betsy is trying to learn "knitting two socks at a time" with the Magic Loop.  Judy is cranking out prayer shawls.  She can't bring her needlepoint to the porch as she can't see it without her magnifier lamp.  Age-appropriate handicaps are such pain.

Barb is dealing with a bird's nest tangle of yarn she hopes to make into socks.  Barb's yarn seems to always be in disarray, but she is undaunted.  After porch time, Barb headed out to do a little kayaking.  See, it really is Camp-for-Grownups.  We are so lucky!!


  1. How wonderful! Not sitting on porches here, yet. The time will come soon, I hope.

  2. What a great way to pass the time...looks wonderful...still alittle too hot to do that in N.C. but hopefully we'll be back on the porch before long......


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