Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spinning Time Trials!

Seriously! Cindy of Jacob's Reward Farm spins like a bullet train, runs a 4-minute mile-spinning version. She spun and plied this Cordova Studios Paprika super-wash merino batt in less than one hour and fifteen minutes on her Louet S10 wheel.
She decided to spin it thick 'n thin and then, plied it with lustrous green thread. I watched amazed.

I was over on the warm-up track just jogging along with Mary Cassett, "Mother and Child" inspired roving by Taos Sunflower. More on it tomorrow.

I left Cindy last night at 10:30 (yes, I know, waaaaaay past my bedtime) planning on how to ply this Cordova Studios Forest Glen Artsy batt which she spun up, again in record time. I just gape at her spinning alacrity.


  1. That has to be a world record! From roving, to yarn, to blog post in 12 hours!


  2. That roving was so tasty to see and touch - how could I NOT spin it up like a whirlwind? It was a treat, Ms. Kay, and I'll be back for more!


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