Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Artsy Batts Morph into Gorgeous Hand Spun

I treasure my talented friends. Laurie, Kate and Barbara have bought some of my artsy batts when I shared them at Wednesday Texas Twisters spinning. Today I got to see their interpretations all spun up. Laurie spun her up and then plied with a soft, subtle aqua.

Kate spun her Forest Glen batt ever so finely and then plied with a light neutral thread.

Barbara took the bright red "Lava Flow" batt and softened it with a ever-so-thin pale pink mohair that she dyed especially for this project.

These batts are a delight to create. I make it a reward during the day after I do mundane tasks. I just let the colors take me. To then see how others "let the colors take" them is a great payoff for me.

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