Friday, June 12, 2009

A Man Named Pearl

Yesterday while I waited for the satellite guys to come and repair what the storm did to my equipment (turns out my house actually took a lightning hit) I switched on the DVD player and popped in this film someone, I can't remember who, recommended to me.  Pearl Fryar lives in small Bishopville, South Carolina.  Son of a sharecropper who worked all his life in a can factory, he is spending his retirement creating the most amazing topiary garden on his three-acre homesite.  Scavenging plants from the local nurseries' castoff pile, he nurtures, trains and pruned trees into unique abstract shapes.  His is a story of compulsive creativity turned art acclaimed by art museums.  Spotlights and ladders can be seen in his yard into the wee small hours as he practices his art.  He remains a thoughtful, warm individual interested in encouraging young people to follow their dreams and work hard.  

I came away inspired to keep following those "artistic rushes" that come when a new idea pops in my head.  Only a little over an hour long, treat yourself and put it in your Netflix queue.

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