Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy little dye person here

 Well, I got my dye pots set up last week, started grabbing rovings, handspuns, and loose locks from down in the studio and started experimenting. 

(Cleo and Trinket were chillin'.) The rovings will go up on Etsy as the Botanical Collection and the yarns as the Tuscany Group.  No inspirations on names for locks yet. 
The rovings are all Blue-faced Leiscester. 
Handspuns are a range of churro,lincoln, and corriedale wool. Each took dyes in a bit different way.  I would take them and use them all in a shawl 
much like the Toasty Browns Shawl at  The textures would be delicious!


  1. You are doing an awesome job of putting colors together. This is my first time to even visit a blog. I am amazed at your talent in creating this neat place to chat. Tell me more about Edgar Sawtelle and The Other Boleyn Girl.


  2. Welcome tp BlogLand! Thanks for the kudos. You will love both books. Edgar Sawtelle is a truly original plot around a family and their unique breed of dogs. Can't say anymore without giving it away. Phillipa Gregory's historical pieces around the Tudors are favs of mine. Have read about 6 so far. Now you need to be subscriber here! Go 'head, take the plunge!


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