Monday, August 10, 2009

Over the Wheel gang capers

Never dull, Never! Second Saturdays at Sassy Spinster with the Over the Wheel gang never disappoints. This Saturday I sat spinning next to John, outfitted in Wranglers, a nice white shirt and worn cowboy boots, who was quietly spinning his Angora goat roving. He tells me he then weaves it into shawls on his Baby Wolf loom. He wanted me to teach him how to make better fringe. The first shawl he wove went to his daughter-in-law, as she gave him one of her kidneys a year ago!

Big Bob is seen at his wheel retrofitted for spinning rope fiber. Harland, seated, retired MD, knits socks on two circular needles. His darling little wife, Virginia, was not there this month as she was off hang-gliding, or something equally scary in Colorado.

Lynne chats with the canary that Virginia gave Susan. Seems Virginia rescues and then breeds the little singers. Bring her a cage and she'll bring you back a canary!
Lunch was down the street for homemade Mexican food this time. Will try the great from-scratch desserts at the new cafe next time.

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