Sunday, July 5, 2009

Two Biggies: an Etsy Treasury and my 100th Sale

This morning found me watching something called a Treasury Clock. All of a sudden, I had the chance to snag a much prized Etsy Treasury to fill with my own choices. As I was slogging through creating that, the roving of my own I had included sold in my shop along with a tiny little other roving to give me my 100th Etsy sale. Big deal in Etsy circles and HUGE for me. Turns out I really love Etsy and all the ancillary things I have learned along the way as I create a blog, do a Facebook page, and, God forbid, Twitter. It's all part of the glue that holds the shop together. And, of course, Cordova Studios couldn't do it without all the folks like you!

Here are the items that took me over the top!

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